Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging can show exactly how you are experiencing energy loss in your home or business. Energy loss may occur frequently in many different areas. Energy loss occurs through air movement into and out of the structure. The walls, ceiling, floor and also the roof that separates the indoor air from the outdoor air is known as the “envelope”. A break in this envelope such as windows, doors, lights, switches, outlets, and more therefore allows air movement across the envelope. As conditioned air leaves and hot or cold air enters the structure it takes energy to overcome this exchange. To ensure that your home stays the temperature you have set on your thermostat thermal imaging is necessary. Air movement, duct leakage, envelope issues and more; all work together to make your energy consumption much larger than it needs to or therefore has to be. Our EnergyWise home performance auditors are trained in thermal imaging to locate these problem areas by performing an energy audit.
The thermal imaging energy audit is a thorough assessment of a homes energy use and also energy loss. Therefore experienced auditors use specialized equipment to help them locate these problem areas. We prioritize this information into a list of recommended upgrades. We also create a custom easy to read and well organized report that outlines for the homeowner unique to their home where it makes the most sense to start making improvements; and in what order they should be completed in. This gives you invaluable information so you can with confidence improve your homes efficiency; without wasting time and also money in the wrong places.

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Thermal Imaging Shows Energy Loss Issues

EnergyWise Heating & Air Conditioning is using the latest thermal imaging technology to seek out and also eliminate costly energy losses. Our experts use thermal imaging to discover the air leaks; and also spots behind walls lacking insulation inside the home. Thermal imaging is a breakthrough in the inspection and also the assessment of homes.

An infrared thermal imaging camera is a unique camera that “sees” heat like our eyes see light. It reads the surface temperature of the objects being viewed. With this tool, our experts are able to identify air conditioning and also heating leaks in your system. Another benefit of thermal imaging is that it’s completely safe and also can often see anomalies that normally would require destruction or dismantling. Furthermore the thermal camera will quickly and efficiently locate any and all air movement that occurs across the envelope. This allows it to precisely locate what areas need addressing in order to lower your energy waste and also subsequently your energy usage.

Common applications for thermal imaging:

  • Moisture intrusion on or within walls, floors and ceilings.
  • Identifying hot spots within your A/C system.
  • Help identify air conditioning leaks.
  • Identifying areas of energy loss such as air leaks at exterior walls, missing or ineffective insulation, widows and doors, and at HVAC systems and ducts.
  • Looking for missing/ineffective insulation.
  • Identifying hot spots and/or uneven heating on boilers, radiators, coils, steam traps etc.
  • Overheating motors, bearings and couplings.