Energy Assessment

Energy Assessment

Energy assessment discovers how energy loss may occur in many different areas throughout a home. As air moves in and out of the home you experience the loss of conditioned air that is therefore replaced by hot air or cold air depending on the outside temperature. This air movement occurs around every window, door, wall, ceiling and also the floor. While at first glance it may appear that your walls and ceilings are air tight you have to remember that every wall switch, outlet and even nail hole allows small amounts of air movement. The same is true with lighting fixtures in your ceiling such as recessed lights, chilling fans and also general lighting. All of these small holes and cracks in the “envelope” of your home means that energy is lost as conditioned air escapes and un-conditioned air enters.

Energy Assessment for DuctWork Leakage

Energy assessment can also discover that air loss is occurring through leaking unsealed duct work. At Energy Star they estimate that 20-30% of all conditioned air leaks out of duct work in the attic, crawl space and basement. This means your heating air conditioning system has to work 20-30% harder just to maintain your desired indoor temperature. Thats 20-30% more energy you are paying for that is lost. Also return ductwork operates in a negative pressure. So return ductwork that is located in crawl spaces is most likely sucking unhealthy, moldy and musty crawl space air into your living space. Our EnergyWise energy assessment auditors are trained to locate these problem areas by performing an energy audit.

Home Energy Assessment Audit

The energy assessment audit is a thorough assessment of a homes energy use and also loss. Experienced auditors use specialized equipment to help them locate these problem areas. We prioritize this information into a list of recommended upgrades and also create a custom easy to read and well organized report that outlines for the homeowner unique to their home where it makes the most sense to start making improvements; and furthermore what order they should be completed in. This gives you invaluable information so you can with confidence improve your homes efficiency without wasting time and also money in the wrong places.

EnergyWise can help identify short- and long-term solutions to remedy any problem areas in your home:

  • High-efficiency heating and air conditioning products
  • Attic and crawlspace insulation and sealing
  • Air filtration systems
  • Air purification systems
  • Sealing home envelope air leaks
  • Attic radiant barriers
  • Weather-stripping and window sealing
  • Humidification and dehumidification
  • Mold concerns
  • Electrical surge protection
  • Indoor Air Quality products for dust and allergies
  • Many other items that help you save on all your utility bills

Why do I need a Home Energy Assessment?

A home energy assessment helps owners determine where their house is losing energy and money – and how such problems can be corrected to make the home more energy efficient. A professional EnergyWise technician can give your home a checkup. In these days of uncertainty, it is important to keep operating expenses of your heating and air conditioning system to a minimum. Unnecessary costs include costs for energy you don’t need to use. In the past many homeowners have just considered utilities as “a cost of owning a home.” By running an inefficient home, you are overpaying your utility for energy. Therefore it just doesn’t make any sense. A good home energy audit will point the way to reduce your energy costs by 10% to even 40%. For large homes, this can be substantial.