Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioner Repair

Air Conditioning Repair can be needed when least expected. Therefore that is why EnergyWise Heating & Air Conditioning provides professional air conditioner repairs in Monticello GA and surrounding areas. We have provided residential & commercial air conditioning repairs and also service throughout the McDonough, Covington, and Stockbridge areas. At EnergyWise we specialize in heating and air conditioning repairs, service, installation and also home energy performance. The summers in Monticello, Georgia place a heavy burden on your air conditioning equipment. With high temperatures and also high humidity your system has to work overtime just to keep up. This heavy work load means that when temperatures are the hottest you may experience air conditioner failure. If your air conditioner begins to make new noises or has trouble maintaining your desired indoor temperature then chances are you are heading for a break down. It is important to call for service as soon as you notice a problem to reduce the chances of further damage. As the temperature heats up the motors, wires, and also the switches can overheat as it takes more energy to make the system run especially if it is older and motor bearings or lubrication begins to break down.

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When it comes to your family, your air conditioning and heating systems should provide you with value as well as comfort. With EnergyWise Heating & Air Conditioning, you can expect comfort, value, and dedicated customer service to meet your needs. Our technicians are factory trained and certified. They have combined over 38 years of experience, and are also available 24 hours a day. At EnergyWise our trained technicians can properly diagnose your air conditioning system correctly the first time. The best trained technicians and the right part means that your system is fixed on the first visit most of the time. We also offer no hidden cost up front pricing repair estimates so that you can approve the repair before any work is completed.

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EnergyWise Heating & Air Conditioning is dedicated to providing only the highest quality in every aspect of our business, complimented by superior customer service. EnergyWise Heating & Air Conditioning has the tools, trained technicians, and products to provide an indoor comfort system that fits your lifestyle and budget. Our company is honest and ifull of integrity to ensure you get the right advise or repair every-time. We will never recommend an air conditioning repair or replacement that is not warranted. We strive daily for 5 star customer service. At EnergyWise Heating & Air Conditioning we install, repair and maintain all brands of heating and air conditioning systems.

Air Conditioner Repair Monticello and Covington GA

EnergyWise residential and light commercial heating and cooling repair services for all equipment brands in Monticello, GA and surrounding areas. Our Certified technicians come prepared to diagnose and also repair most common problems. We ensure a timely process to get your unit back up and running as quickly as possible. Here  are some systems we provide repair on:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Heat Pumps
  • Boilers & Furnaces
  • Air Filters & Humidifiers
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Certified & Trained Technicians
  • Same Day Service
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service

Low $59 Air Conditioning Repair Diagnostic Charge


At EnergyWise Heating & Air Conditioning, we charge a low $59 Diagnostic Fee. We are proud to be competitive. Additional repair charges are based on a flat rate. We can repair your Air Conditioner and also improve the efficiency and performance of your entire system.